MU (18.3.18) (Fertilizers for Grass Green) Mu slow release N≥65%

TOTA Compound slow release fertilizer-A production of modern teachnology of USA is manufactured by Technology & Oriental Turf Associate has advanced effectiveness throughout periodical applications. “Whenever – Whatever the turf needs”


Ride on green mower Eclipse 322

Engine: Kubota Z482 2-cylinder, diesel, liquid cool, 13.3hp
Batery: 48V. Cylinder mower.

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Walk behind green mower: Green GK 522A

Engine: Honda GX 120 gasoline, 4hp (2.9 kw)
Cylinder mower

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Walk benind Green mower: Eclipse 122F

Engine:  Honda GX-120, 1.3hp (1kW) Gasoline. Cylinder mower

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Walk behind Green mower: PGM 22

Engine: Honda GX 120, gasoline, 4hp (2.9 kw). Cylinder mower
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Hover Mower 5.5 HP HM 19H4-OP

Engine: Honda 5.5HP GCV 160A-N7Al, 4 strokes
Able to work on 45 degree slope.

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SRF 19-0-19

SRF 19 – 0 – 19

SRF 19-0-19 is a phosphorous free, homogenous fertilizer. The added methylene urea provides a slow and gradual nutrient release, whilst minimizing the risk of nitrate leaching and runoff. The SRF 19-0-19 provides equal amounts of nitrogen and potassium to help toughen the plant against stresses. Download SRF 19-0-19 MSDS


SRF 12-0-24

SRF 12-0-24 is a homogenous particle fertilizer, designed to provide uniform nutrient release distribution. The methylene urea provides a gradual and consistent nutrient release for up to 16 weeks and reduces the risk of nitrate leaching and runoff. The added nitrogen provides efficient potassium uptake. Download SRF 12-0-24 MSDS

Perk 4 – 0 – 14 + 10% Fe

Perk 4 – 0 – 14 + 10% Fe

Perk 4-0-14 will not over stimulate growth. The 10% slow release iron provides long term colour without excessive growth. The methylene urea provides extra longevity and gives the product a low salt index. The combination of manganese, iron and potassium make this an ideal autumn and winter turf hardening formulation – Download Perk 4 – 0 – 14 + 10% Fe MSDS


Trailer: Eclipse 122

Lenght: 101”, width: 60”

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