Tan Thanh Son is a distributor of INDIGROW products in Viet Nam market
Tan Thanh Son has stock-available products in Ha Noi
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Vitalize 16-5-16 + 2% MgO

Vitalize 16-5-16 has been developed to have a NPK analysis that provides an acidifying

response. Vitalize 16-5-16 has added magnesium to improve plant stress relief during the

main growing season. The technological formulation also provides quick green up as well as

slow release technology for added longevity.

Download Vitalize 16-5-16 MSDS

Fusion Granular

Fusion Granular

Fusion Granular is a mix of iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and boron. All of the nutrients

are complexed with natural carbohydrate and sugars, ensuring that the micronutrients are

in their most easily assimilated form. Fusion Granular has been designed to provide

minimal initial water solubility, with more nutrients being released during the 12 week period.Download Fusion Granular MSDS

SRF 19-0-19

SRF 19 – 0 – 19

SRF 19-0-19 is a phosphorous free, homogenous fertilizer. The added methylene urea provides a slow and gradual nutrient release, whilst minimizing the risk of nitrate leaching and runoff. The SRF 19-0-19 provides equal amounts of nitrogen and potassium to help toughen the plant against stresses. Download SRF 19-0-19 MSDS


SRF 12-0-24

SRF 12-0-24 is a homogenous particle fertilizer, designed to provide uniform nutrient release distribution. The methylene urea provides a gradual and consistent nutrient release for up to 16 weeks and reduces the risk of nitrate leaching and runoff. The added nitrogen provides efficient potassium uptake. Download SRF 12-0-24 MSDS

Perk 4 – 0 – 14 + 10% Fe

Perk 4 – 0 – 14 + 10% Fe

Perk 4-0-14 will not over stimulate growth. The 10% slow release iron provides long term colour without excessive growth. The methylene urea provides extra longevity and gives the product a low salt index. The combination of manganese, iron and potassium make this an ideal autumn and winter turf hardening formulation – Download Perk 4 – 0 – 14 + 10% Fe MSDS