Brandt IHammer MegAleX 3-0-0 Foliar Fertilizer
Phân Bón Lá Brandt IHammer MegAleX 3-0-0

BRANDT MEGALEX OVERVIEW MEGALEX is a liquid foliar formulation that helps build strong, green, vibrant turf for optimal course playability. It is an excellent tool for improving turf growth and appearance in both sun and low light shade areas. Download Brandt IHammer MegAleX 3-0-0 MSDS Key Advantages Stable source of nitrogen that resists soil tie up […]


Brandt IHammer Advantage 5-0-1 Foliar Fertilizer
Phân Bón Lá Brandt IHammer Advantage 5-0-1

BRANDT ADVANTAGE OVERVIEW ADVANTAGE is a liquid foliar fertilizer that builds vibrant turf and adds vigor to all plants by supplying the right amount of macro and micronutrients. Download Brandt Avantage 5-0-1 MSDS Key Advantages Nutrients are stable, readily available for plant uptake Majors and micronutrients build plant proteins, which improves plant metabolism, strength, and […]


GRIGG Sili – Kal B 8-0-4 Foliar Fertilizer
Phân Bón Lá GRIGG Sili – Kal B 8-0-4

GRIGG SILI-KAL B OVERVIEW GRIGG Sili-Kal B is a multi-nutrient formulation that contains two sources of soluble nitrogen, potassium, 10%calcium, and boron. It improves turf strength and vigor. It is also an excellent option for turf in sand-based root zones, which tend to be low in available calcium. Download GRIGG Sili – Kal B MSDS […]


GRIGG P – K Plus 3-5-17 Foliar Fertilizer
Phân Bón Lá GRIGG P – K Plus 3-5-17

GRIGG P-K PLUS OVERVIEW GRIGG P-K PLUS is a multi-nutrient formulation that contains 17% potassium, two sources of phosphorus (phosphate and phosphite), two sources of nitrogen and a micronutrient package. It promotes turfgrass color, strength and vigor. It is an excellent option for spring green up and winter turfgrass preparation. Download GRIGG P – K […]


GRIGG Gary’s Green 18-3-4 Foliar Fertilizer
Phân Bón Lá GRIGG Gary’s Green 18-3-4

GRIGG GARY’S GREEN OVERVIEW GRIGG Gary’s Green is the flagship of GRIGG’s Proven Foliar Nutrient line – offering the ultimate in quality, performance and compatibility. It contains three sources of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and a micronutrient package. It improves turf color response, density and vigor. It is widely used as a primary source of N […]

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Vitalize 16-5-16 + 2% MgO
Vitalize 16-5-16 + 2% MgO

Vitalize 16-5-16 has been developed to have a NPK analysis that provides an acidifying

response. Vitalize 16-5-16 has added magnesium to improve plant stress relief during the

main growing season. The technological formulation also provides quick green up as well as

slow release technology for added longevity.

Download Vitalize 16-5-16 MSDS

Vitalize 16-5-16 được xây dựng để có đặc điểm chống chua. Vitalize 16-5-16 được bổ sung magiê nhằm cải thiện khả năng chịu đựng trong mùa hè. Công thức mang tính công nghệ cao giúp nhanh xanh và thời gian kéo dài.

Download Vitalize 16-5-16 MSDS


Fusion Granular
Fusion Granular

Fusion Granular is a mix of iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and boron. All of the nutrients

are complexed with natural carbohydrate and sugars, ensuring that the micronutrients are

in their most easily assimilated form. Fusion Granular has been designed to provide

minimal initial water solubility, with more nutrients being released during the 12 week period.Download Fusion Granular MSDS

Phân bón Fusion Granular là sợ kết hợp giữa sắt, magiê, kẽm, đồng và boron. Tất cả các dinh dưỡng được tổ hợp với cacbonhydrate tự nhiên và đường, để đảm bảo các vi chất ở dạng dễ hấp thụ nhất. Fusion Granular được thiết kế để được hòa tan trong một lượng nước thấp nhất, với nhiều chất dinh dưỡng được phân giải chậm trong 12 tuần

Download Fusion Granular MSDS



CaO ≥ 29% SO3 ≥ 42%Thành phần: CaO ≥ 29% SO3 ≥ 42%



CaO ≥ 28% MgO ≥ 17%CaO ≥ 28% MgO ≥ 17%


MU (18.3.18) (Fertilizers for Grass Green) Mu slow release N≥65%MU (18.3.18) (Phân bón dùng cho cỏ Green) Mu nhả chậm N≥65%

TOTA Compound slow release fertilizer-A production of modern teachnology of USA is manufactured by Technology & Oriental Turf Associate has advanced effectiveness throughout periodical applications. “Whenever – Whatever the turf needs”TOTA Phân bón nhả chậm tổng hợp – được sản xuất trên công nghệ hiện đại của Mỹ bởi nhà máy Technology & Oriental Turf .