IMPACT SRF 12-0-24


Tota Nitrogen (N): 12.0%
– Methylene urea N: 9.0%
– Ammoniacal Nitrogen: 3.0%
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 24.0%
Soluble in water: 24%
Moisture: 4%

Function: Impact SRF 12-0-24 is a slow-release, homogenous, phosphate-free fertilizer. Methylene urea nitrogen sources develop gradual and consistent nutrient release for up to 12 weeks and reduce the risk of nitrate leaching and residual runoff. Faster-releasing urea nitrogen helps provide effective potassium absorption.


Application rate: 20-40g/m2

Net weight: 20kg/bag

Origin: Indigrow - UK